Rat in loft

What’s lurking in your loft?

Lofts are often dusty, dingy places where we put out of sight all manner of things we don’t want cluttering the rest of our home. But there could be more lurking in your loft than Christmas decorations, old furniture and boxes of miscellaneous belongings you’ve long forgotten about. We seldom venture into this space at…

pest control professional

How to choose a good pest control company

Pest infestation can turn your life into a nightmare. Uninvited house guests such as rodents and insects spread disease, damage your home, and lower its market value. This is why householders look for pest control specialists who can provide a cost-effective, long-term solution. And finding a trustworthy pest control company gives you peace of mind…

pest infestation cockroaches in office

How pests can damage your business

Pest infestation can severely damage a business’s reputation and have devastating financial, operational, legal and health consequences. All types of businesses – large and small – are potential targets for rodents, insects and birds looking for food and shelter.  Many companies have paid the price for poor commercial pest control measures, with resulting issues such…